The Possession Ring

Story created by Haxxare ∙ 11 September 2023

Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

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  • The Possession Ring - Part 1

    Chapter written by Haxxare ∙ 17 December 2021

    Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

    Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

  • My name's Matt. That day was meant to be just another day.. but it turned very weird, and very interesting.

    It would have been about 5pm when I walked into my apartment. It was convenient, since it was close enough to college, yet wasn't super expensive or loud. Plus I could walk to all the fun parties.

    Anyway, I walked in to see my girlfriend, Mira, sitting on the couch. I always thought she was cute in an exotic way - she was short, petite, with black hair and dark brown eyes. She was half Japanese, which is why I think I found her so attractive. Today, she was looking at me in a very unusual way. Not like her at all.

    "Hey... Matt" she said hesitantly. Oh shit, I thought. Was she breaking up with me?

    "Hi?" I said carefully.

    "So I have something to tell you..." Shit. It's really happening. I think she saw the look on my face, and quickly added "Oh no don't worry, nothing is wrong. We're still good. It's just... this is so weird."

    Relieved, I approached her and noticed she was wearing a ring. She never wore jewelry like that. "So, nice ring..." I said.

    "Yeah that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Actually..." she started, getting up and walking over to me. I walked closer and took her hand. She flinched as I began to examine the ring, still on her finger. As I went to pull it off... "No!"

    The ring was half off, and I felt a force - not unlike a blast of wind - hit me. "Fine!" I slipped the ring back on... and blacked out.


    I awoke in bed a short while later. Mira was sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with what appeared to be the ring she had been wearing.

    "Ugh, what happened?" I asked, feeling a trace of a headache.

    "Oh, you're up. I have to tell you something..." Mira said. "It's this ring. It's... magic or something."

    "Huh?" I asked.

    "Yeah. When you walked in... that wasn't actually me. Well it was... but not quite." I was confused, so I just let her continue. "This ring lets someone take over someone else's body..."

    "Sure it does." I joked.

    "I'm serious!" Mira insisted. "I walked into your apartment maybe 10 minutes before you were meant to be home. Then I blacked out. When I came to... I was you."

    "So is that why I blacked out?" I asked.

    "Probably. I gotta say it was a shock for sure. That and Alan was on the couch and looked pretty scared. He explained everything though.

    "Alan was... wait was that him inside you?" The pieces were coming together.

    "Yeah. But he didn't do anything. He said he had only just found the ring today, and was gonna show you. But I walked in first and..."

    "He took over your body."

    "Yup" she said.

    "So... how did it feel?" I asked. "Being me?"

    "Well I honestly was just freaked, so I took the ring off as soon as I got to your bed. That kicked me right out." A grin formed on Mira's face. "Let me tell you, though."

    She slipped the ring on, and disappeared from sight. Then, predictably, I blacked out.


    That time, when I woke up, it was morning. I also felt... like I had just jerked off. 

    "Good morning!" Mira said as she walked out of the bathroom. She seemed in a very good mood.

    "Uhh... morning?" I said. 

    "So I have an answer for you." Mira said while grinning. "Being you was hot!" 

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "Well I jumped into your body last night, took a nice long shower... if you know what I mean, hope you don't mind. Then I went to sleep, and went for another round in the morning." She explained, grin not letting up. "Gotta day it felt a lot different than it usually does for me..."

    I was shocked. Taking advantage of this, she winked. "Well I have to go now... you're still coming over tonight, aren't you?" Then she waved and skipped out of my room.

    "Huh..." I said, still processing what had just happened. I didn't mind so much since it was Mira, and - I mean - we'd done plenty together already. 

    I was taken out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. "Yeah?" I called out, and saw Alan meekly walk in.

    "Hey man..." he started.

    "This about the ring?" I asked, hiding some irritation.

    "Yeah... look, I'm sorry I took over Mira. But it was an accident... and it was only for a couple of minutes." He really did look sorry.

    "Well all's well I guess.. but she left with the ring.

    "She what?" Alan cried out.

    "Yeah. I'm going to her place later, but she had plans for the rest of the day."

    Alan continued to complain, but eventually gave up. The whole day was spent in anticipation. I'd never really wondered about how it feels for girls, but I couldn't help but be a little curious now that the opportunity might be there. 


    Later that evening, I pulled up to Mira's place and rang the doorbell. It opened and I was greeted by her busty roommate Alison, blonde hair wet, wearing nothing but a pink bathrobe.

    "Hi sexy..." she purred, moving in such a way that only made it obvious that she was naked under her robe - not that it was hidden before.

    "Uh.. hi Ali." I stammered. "Sorry... I'm here to see Mira."

    "Mira isn't here..." she purred, exposing one long leg through the robe, "but I'll happily take care of you instead..."

    I felt my face flush red, and attempted to navigate around Alison and get to Mira's room. She grabbed my hand with hers, and I noticed a sparkle on her hand. The ring.

    "Should have guessed it was you, Mira" I said.

    Alison's demeanor shifted instantly, and she started laughing. "You should have seen your face... you were so adorably awkward!"

    "You expected otherwise?"

    "Well no... I've just been inside Ali all day today, just lounging around. Thought I'd have some fun with you first." Mira-in-Alison explained.

    "So was that it?" I asked. Mira laughed and not-so-subtly let the robe slip off her borrowed figure and down to the floor. I stared at Alison's exposed chest for a second before I was dragged into her bedroom. 

    Alison's body was very different from Mira's - she was tall, blonde, curvy, while Mira was short and petite. Needless to say, when Mira was in control of Alison's body, sex was fucking awesome. I won't go into detail, but knowing that my Mira was inside her sexy (ok. I admit it) roommate just made it even better. After we were done, I lay on top of her and just fondled her tits.

    "Babe that felt so good in her body..." Mira purred. "And these big boobs feel so nice when you squeeze them like that..."

    "It's just hard to believe it's you in there, babe" I replied. "But I sure as hell aren't complaining!" Mira laughed and grinned at me.

    "Well now that we've done that I can't leave her right now... want to go for another round?" She winked at me. I felt my dick grow hard at the thought. "Or I could just give you a blowjob..." Mira offered.

    Let's just leave it at the fact that the evening was a lot of fun.


    The next morning, Mira shooed me out of Alison's bed. A couple of minutes after I jumped on Mira's bed, she appeared next to me. As herself this time.

    "Whoa, don't scare me like that!" I muttered. She smiled one of her trademark cheeky smiles. "That was fun last night."

    "Sure was! Blondes really do have more fun!" She grinned. "Speaking of..." she winked at me, and placed the ring into my hand. I looked at her. "Well, go on! Put it on and go jump into Alison!"

    Hardly believing my ears, I slipped on the ring. It was a rush, to be sure. I suddenly felt weightless. Looking down at myself I understood why. I was floating, and completely transparent! I looked around and experimented with my movement. It was surprisingly easy. I leaned in the direction of Alison's room, and floated off.

    When I got there (through the walls!) I saw her lying in her bed, dressed in a nightie that she definitely hadn't been wearing at night, and was scrolling on her phone. Well, this was it. I swooped down and lowered my ghostly form over her body. I felt a jarring sensation as a shock went through my whole body. The next thing I knew, I was under a warm blanket, holding a phone.

    Of course, I immediately dropped the phone. There was something off about the way I was lying down. Flat on my stomach, back slightly arched. I laid my head on the pillow, and felt something large and soft on my chest. I looked down and saw Alison's voluminous chest inside a soft pink nightie. It was odd seeing her tits from this angle now.

    I quickly jumped out of bed, hair flying everywhere and feeling a very big jiggle on my chest. I ran to her closet - there was a mirror there, of course - and admired my reflection.

    Looking back at me in the mirror was Mira's roommate Alison. Blonde hair cascading down past her shoulders. A pale pink nightie over her impressively large boobs, which left her midriff exposed. Below that, hot pink panties, and nothing else. The best part? Right now, that was me. I let out a giggle - distinctly feminine, I noted - and sauntered up closer to the mirror. Man, I felt sexy inside Alison's skin. Naturally, my hands went to explore my new body. Although I'd gotten pretty familiar with it last night, this was very different. This time it was me, and I was feeling all the foreign sensations from my feminine body as my own. And damn, was it hot!

    I let out a slight moan as my new hands caressed my new body. I had to say, it definitely felt a lot better feeling up Alison from inside than from when I was myself. As I reached into Alison's - ahem, my panties - there was a knock at the door, followed by Mira walking in. She saw what I was doing, blushed a little, then recovered.

    "I see you're having fun there, babe" she smirked.

    "I uh... ah..." I stuttered, and Mira laughed.

    "Oh relax! It's not like I didn't do the same in your body. This time I just get to watch it happen to someone else!" she winked at me. "Want some help, Alison?" 

    I gulped and nodded. Mira came over and ran a hand along my exposed stomach. "You know I'm not normally into chicks, but knowing it's my boyfriend inside there is making me so hot for you right now..." she purred and leaned in for a kiss. Her hand slipped into those same pink panties I had been trying to explore earlier...

    All I had to say was wow. Either it was just that the female body felt so good, or just my own arousal, or Mira... whatever it was, that was the hottest sex I'd ever had. Not to mention all the new feelings I got to experience from inside Alison's body.


    A few hours later, after the high of my orgasms inside Alison had worn off, I exited her body and re-formed back on Mira's bed, with her grinning. "That was fucking amazing!" I said, also grinning.

    "Oh I could tell you liked it, babe. I heard..." Mira taunted. "I bet Alan misses this thing..."

    "I sure would if I were him!" I said. "But I'm not sure I want to give it up!"

    "Tell you what..." Mira said. Then she told me about a plan she had. I put on the ring again, and disappeared.


    To be continued...

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