Part Swap - The Party - Mia & Elise

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off, somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this story, Mia finds gets her hands cut off and replaced with those of the unattractive host. Elise, meanwhile, cuts off her head and sneaks away for some self-experimentation, but somebody else puts their head on her body at the worst possible time...

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  • Part Swap - The Party - Mia & Elise

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off, somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this story, Mia finds gets her hands cut off and replaced with those of the unattractive host. Elise, meanwhile, cuts off her head and sneaks away for some self-experimentation, but somebody else puts their head on her body at the worst possible time...

  • “Ah, Mia, if you wouldn’t mind volunteering?”

    I started from my stupor. All the party goers turned to look at me expectantly. I could see Jessica Thomas smirking at me from the corner. She knew I hadn’t been listening, the bitch.

    I smiled sweetly and strutted into the space Sam Smegly had cleared. He was a run-of-the-mill creeper - short and kind of chubby, bad fingernails, greasy hair. He grinned at me from behind about a hundred pimples as I deliberately stopped a few metres away from him.

    “Now,” he said, gushing “I’m going to turn the device on-”

    He flicked a switch and a blazing blue light appeared from the table in front of him. I glanced down and saw what looked like a kind of saw, but instead of a blade there was a flickering blue hologram thing. Smegly let out an excited noise and picked it up.

    “Yes, excellent. And um, now I’m going to…” he hesitated for a moment, then turned to me. “Mia, hold your hands out in front of you.”

    I scowled at him but with everybody staring at us I didn’t feel like I had much choice. I held my perfectly maintained hands out in front of me.

    “Yes, good, good, um, this is going to feel a bit strange.” Smegly chuckled slightly and positioned the blue band saw thing above my arms.

    “What-” I started to say when he slammed the fucking thing down through my wrists.

    I shrieked and jumped back. Somebody in the crowd screamed! What the fuck, Smegly, I could have really gotten hurt! I reached up to tuck my hair back into place and froze. I couldn’t seem to grab my hair... I… something was very wrong.

    I looked down at my hands and shrieked again. They were gone! My wrists just ended in fucking stumps, with nothing but a dim blue glow on the end of my wrists where my hands should have been! Jesus Christ!

    “It’s okay! It’s okay! Don’t worry!” Smegly was shouting. I ignored him, my breath coming in short and fast. This maniac had cut my hands off.

    “Don’t panic! It’s okay! You can still feel them, right? You can still feel your hands?”

    What? That didn’t-- actually… I could still feel my hands. The sheer surprise of it pulled me up short. What the hell? I flexed one and felt it rub against something. A moment later I jumped about a foot in the air when I felt something grab it!

    “The device uses Jacksonion nanobots to cut through biomatter and form a remote connection between the body and the… that is to say, you’re fine! Your hands are right here!” Smegly stood up from where he’d been fiddling on the floor and waved something at me. My hands! Those were my hands he was holding! And I could feel it too - his sweaty fingers wrapped around mine. Eww.

    I reached out to snatch them back but missed. Fuck. Not having hands on the end of your wrists suuuucks.

    “Put them back on you creep!” I shouted at him.

    “I will, I will!” he said, “Just a moment, there’s more to show first.”

    The crowd was still watching, stunned. Several people had moved to help, but they now stood frozen, not really sure what to make of what was happening.

    “I’ll do it too, see.” Smegly called to me, and to the crowd. He put my hands down on the table - which was kind of cold-- then slammed his wrists through the device as well. I watched with my mouth open as his hands dropped to the floor and wriggled around. He held his stumps up in the air. He was getting really excited now.

    “Now this is the really cool bit! Watch, watch!”

    Grinning stupidly, Smegly placed his bare wrists on the table and lined them up with the bottoms of my hands. Then, in one smooth motion, he touched his arm stumps to my detached hands and I felt them just… disappear.

    I mean, they were still there on the table, I could still see them. But all the sensation from my hands just cut off. It was like, beyond numb. I tried to flex my fingers, but nothing happened. I couldn’t feel them, I couldn’t move them, it’s like they were just gone. Really cut off.

    Smegly straightened up and raised his arms in the air again. 

    “And VOILA!”

    I gasped. At the end of his arms were my hands. My small, delicate, perfectly manicured dainty little hands were on the end of fat-fucking-Smegly’s wrists! What the ever-loving fuck!

    I watched in horror as he wiggled my fingers, showing them off to the crowd.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to leave this device here for the rest of this evening’s, ah, fun. You’re welcome to experiment with it!”

    The tension broke, and the crowd erupted into chatter. I could see Jessica laughing at me meanly from across the room as I stood there alone with my useless stumps. Smegly was trying to say more to the crowd, but nobody was listening anymore.

    “Just remember to be careful! There’s no way to get it back if you misplace a finger or something!”

    He was swamped by a gaggle of equally oily geeks who fawned over him like he was royalty. He showed off my hands to them, twisting them this way and that and wiggling my fingers. The idiot was going to ruin my nail polish -- not to mention how creepy it was, to see his friends touching and prodding and admiring my hands without me!

    “EXCUSE ME!” I yelled at them. “Smegly, I don’t think you’ve finished here yet!”

    Smegly waved his friends off and walked over to me, grinning. “Oh yeah, yep, yeah. Um. Firstly you should seriously be more impressed, Mia! This is a seriously amazing technology we’re experimenting with here.”

    “I don’t give a fuck about the technology, Smegly. I want my damn hands back.”

    I raised my useless stumps in front of him. Smegly grabbed my arm -- with my own bloody fingers -- and felt around the blue haze lightly glowing on my wrist.

    “Wow, look at that. It’s like the nanobots have constructed a perfect seal around the…”

    He caught sight of my glare and hesitated.

    “Look Mia, let’s just stay like this for a little bit. It’s an experiment, isn’t it? We should, um, you know. Try it out? I appreciate it a lot!”

    He turned to go. The audacity of this guy! I looked around for backup, but nobody was watching. Not that they’d help me if anybody did see.

    “And what am I supposed to do?”

    “Well, um, my hands are still sitting on the table?”

    He scratched himself with my beautiful long nails and disappeared into the crowd before I could yell at him again. I thumped him on the back, but I jolt of pain went through my arm stump -- it clearly wasn’t built for hitting. 

    Smegly ignored me. Oh, so you want me to wear you hands, then, do you? I’ll show him not to mess with me. I wonder how he’d feel about getting his hands back shaved? Or his nails painted? Or fuck it, a tattoo? Those hands wouldn’t be the same when he got them back, oh no

    I grinned wickedly and stormed over to the table where Smegly’s hands and the saw sat, pushing my way through the group that had congregated around it. Some girl had already picked up the saw and was lining it up with her friend's neck carefully.

    Smegly’s big gross hands were sitting by themselves on the table -- clearly nobody was too interested in them. I braced myself, pushing down my disgust. 

    “And after I’m done destroying these ugly mitts, I’m going to use them to punch him right in the face.” 

    The image of Smegly getting attacked by his own fists brought a smirk to my face, helping me steel myself as I lined up my wrists and pushed. Sensation returned instantly. My hands felt big and clumsy -- almost like I was wearing gloves -- but I could feel and move them okay. 

    “You’re gonna regret this, Smegly.”


    Nearby, a girl shrieked as she lifted her own head up off her shoulders, struggling to keep her body upright as she controlled it with her head in her hands. She blushed as she thought about the possibilities of being headless. “Oh my god.” she thought “I’ve got to find a room alone.”


    Walking with your head in your hands is really difficult.

    I shuffled very slowly and carefully forward, almost getting knocked over completely when this girl with man-hands brushed past. I turned my whole body to grin at Stace. 

    “I’m going to go for a wander!” I squealed. “I’ll catch up with you in a bit!”

    Stace gave me a thumbs up. There was already a group surrounding her, since she still held onto the saw. I knew when I came back things were gonna be real different down here. 

    I bit my lip and shuffled over to the stairs as fast as I could without falling over. Everytime I took a step my head bounced and rolled slightly in my hands, making me dizzy. Ugh, this would have been so much more convenient if I could make it to the bedroom then take my head off.

    I elbowed my way through the gawking crowd and eventually made it into an empty guest room. I shoved the door shut with my butt and threw my head onto the bed…

    The world spun and flew about me in a blur! Oft! Fuck! That was a bad idea! I found myself looking back at my body at an angle from one eye, my face on it’s side pressed into the doona. Instinctively I tried to turn my neck and push myself up, but nothing happened.

    Well, not nothing. My body lifted it’s arm and I could see my neck stump wiggle. Jesus, it was so strange, it still felt like my body was directly underneath me. Like, if I shut my eyes, I would think I was standing up with a pillow pressed into the side of my face.

    Hmmmmm… that’s a good idea. I shut my eyes and tried moving about. It was way easier to get my bearings like that -- though balance was still a bit of an issue. I quickly stripped off my skirt and thong and kicked them away. Fuck this was gonna be fun.

    I opened my eyes and clumsily walked my body over, controlling it like a mirror image. My hands eventually brushed my curly hair and I picked myself up carefully, tilting my head to look up at my body, which seemed to tower over me. I shivered in anticipation.

    I’d never seen myself from this angle before. It was super weird, and almost intimidating. I eyed my exposed belly button for a moment for a moment before tilting my head down slightly to stare straight at my pussy. It was dripping wet. My clit was engorged and pulsing, and below it I could see past my dark skin to little flashes of light pink flesh inside me.

    I closed my eyes and felt like I was instantly transported, my sense of self jumping to the spot above my neck. I felt like I holding someone’s head down between my legs. I scratched that head with a finger, and felt it above my ear. The disconnect was fascinating.

    Very gently, carefully, I lowered the head down until…

    I felt something brush my lips. And at the same time I felt something touch me down below.


    I stuck out my tongue and grazed the vagina in front of me, and simultaneously felt something graze my labia. Just a little to the side… I licked again and felt it nearer my clit this time… a bit higher… 

    Ooooh my god!

    I froze in pleasure. The moment dragged on and I wished the teasing would continue… 

    Ah. Right. 

    My eyes still shut, I stuck out my tongue again and felt another electric shock of pleasure. My pussy pulsed between my legs.

    I went down on myself, knowing exactly what to do to elicit the strongest sensations from my own body. Knowing how long to pause between stimulation, knowing when to go harder… it would have been impossible for another person to do it this well.

    As I sucked and licked and nibbled, I let my mind wander. With my eyes shut it really did feel like somebody was going down on me -- my head felt like it was where it had always been. At the same time I could feel a pussy dripping on my lips and tongue. I could smell my own arousal so damn intensely. I was almost like I was going down on somebody else at the same time somebody went down on me and we were copying each other’s movements.

    My attention snapped back as I felt an orgasm begin to build up. I carefully shifted my head lower, my hair snapping in my fingers as I pushed my face around. I felt safe in my own hands, my little fingers pressing into my head and holding me securely.

    I stuck my tongue out experimentally and felt it graze the opening of my vagina. At the same time somebody licked me softly. 


    I pushed the head between my legs further in and felt something warm press hard against my face. I kissed myself and stuck my tongue in further, jiggling it around. Normally this wouldn’t be quite as good as going down on my clitoris, but the idea of being pushed into my own vagina was soooo hot…

    I licked again and felt myself build up more, getting closer to cumming. I found I could wiggle my head from side to side in my hands and rub my clit with my nose. I squirmed in delight and pushed down harder. Uncomfortably hard, even.

    It didn’t matter. My toes clenched and I stuck my tongue in still further, knowing there was a spot just above the opening that if I could reach would--- 

    Oh my god! 

    The very tip of my tongue touched a button of ear-screeching pleasure and I moaned out loud -- unable to keep myself quiet any longer. 

    I reached back to that spot and pressed against it harder still. My whole body shivered and squirmed and I crushed my head between my legs. I was so close! A bit further! I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go and pulled my head in hard AND-



    The feelings just... stopped. I opened my eyes in shock. What had happened? I gave my vagina an experimental lick. I couldn’t feel it at all. It was completely numb! Yet I watched it pulse in front of me. I frowned in confusion.

    “Yeah don’t stop!” said a voice above me. 


    I jumped in surprise, but my hands didn’t move. I tried to tilt my head up to look, but found I had no control of my arms. One of my fingers stroked the back of my head. I gasped. What a moment before had been a comforting sensation was now scary and alien. Those hands were no longer mine!

    My world lurched as I was shoved back into my pussy. It was leaking, ready to burst, just as it had been a moment before - only now I couldn’t feel it!

    Not fair!

    “Keep going!” said the voice, my own hand patting me on the head expectantly. Wait! That was a guy’s voice!

    “What the fuck!” I tried to say, but it came out muffled. The body above groaned and I saw a neckbeard face above my neck smirk down at me. He stretched my body, shifting my weight from side to side. 

    “Come on!” he said, wiggling my hips. A moment later my hands smushed my face against the vagina that used to be mine and dragged me about on top of it. 

    That’s not how you do it!

    I tried to snap at him to be careful, but when I opened my mouth my wet pussy clumsily slapped into it and I gagged.

    Suddenly having my arousal ripped away, my pussy seemed super gross to me. Especially since I knew some guy was getting all the pleasure from it! My body didn’t stop though. My fingers clenched and pulled my hair painfully. My own hips humped my face. Bam! Bam! Bam!

    “Ugh! Jesus!” came the voice from above. The hips pushed out hard against my head and stayed there. Then they swung back and forth one more time, hitting me in the face with a wet slapping sound, and I watched, numb, as my body tightened and quaked without me.

    The guy groaned and the vagina pulsed rapidly. 

    Don’t do it you bastard!


    A stream of liquid gushed out from between my old legs and hit me in the mouth. My own hand held me tight against the pouring hole, shaking. I spluttered in disgust. Fucking hell! That was so gross! Some guy had orgasmed in my body -- and used me for it -- then squirted all over my mouth!

    And I didn’t even get to feel it!

    I also couldn’t wipe the cum from my face. All I could do was glower at the guy who stole my body. And my orgasm! And hope he would fix us back up, leaving me with a spent and tired body. Yeah, thanks.

    He didn’t seem affected by my gaze, however. He patted me on the head, then grabbed my hair with my own bloody hand and swung me out of the way. I landed on the bed with a bounce and a growl.

    “Hey, what the hell man! I was having a good time there!”

    “Oh I know.” the guy muttered with a smirk. I could see his face clearly now - It wasn’t someone I knew. Nerdy white guy, bit of a scraggly beard. I watched aghast as he squeezed my boobs through my crop top. Both physically and behaviorally - he looked super out of place on my body.

    “I’ve always wanted to be a black girl!” he winked at me then strutted over to the door.

    “HEY! Give me my body back!”

    He opened the door, the noises of the party came blasting through.

    “Put my clothes back on at least!”

    He glanced down at the skirt and thong I’d flung into the corner of the room.

    “Eww, no.” he said. Then he left, casually showing my vagina off to the world.

    With my face covered in my own fluids, without any way of wiping my face and down one orgasm, I sighed.

    “That didn’t go well.”


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