Becca's revenge

Story created by KingChaos44 ∙ 07 October 2023

Becca recently joined a lesbian wrestling association where will fight women in a 4 round contest. Each round ends after an opponent is pinned, knocked out, submits, orgasms, or is stuck in a humiliating hold for 20 seconds. Knock outs are worth 2 points while pins, submissions, orgasms, and humilation holds are worth 1. Wrestlers are also able to gain multiple points in a round if the wrestler decides they don't want to reset to their corner yet. If the points are tied after 4 rounds then there will be a tie breaker that is first to make the opponent orgasm wins. 


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  • The Seductresses

    Chapter written by KingChaos44 ∙ 04 November 2023

    After her victory over Sarah, Becca is waiting in her changing room, when she gets told that a veteran wrestler has challenged her to a match. What Becca doesn't know is that this match is a Handicap 2 vs 1 match and she will be up against Stacie and Gracie who are curvy twins who love to dominate their opponents. Becca will be subjected to a total domination from these twins as they will humiliate her in front of the crowd in 1 on 1 actions and illegal double team moves that the ref ignores.

  • Becca's heart raced as she heard the news of the challenge. She had never faced a Handicap 2 vs 1 match before, let alone against two curvy twins who were known for their dominating tactics. Despite her initial apprehension, she couldn't resist the thrill of the challenge and the opportunity to prove herself against such formidable opponents.


    Becca entered the ring first, walking out in black booty shorts, with some of her ass hanging out the back, and a red sports bra, that contains her C cup breast. As she walks down the ramp enjoying the crowds reaction to her entrance, she gets into the ring and sets up in her corner waiting for her opponents. 


    Once their theme song comes on, Stacie and Gracie, known as the Seductresses, emerge in their gold g-string bikinis that compliment their huge assests as their butts are hanging out of their g-string and their DD cup breast spill out of the small bikini tops they have on. As they make their way down to the ring they strut down the ramp teasing the crowd and Becca with their swaying breast. 


    Once they make it to the ring both Stacie and Gracie stradle the middle rope and start twerking on it which draw catcalls from the crowd. 


    Once they both are in the ring they make their way over to Becca which each girl grabing hold of one of Becca's arms and hold them in between their huge breasts. While Beccas arms are restrained Gracie starts whispering in Becca's ear, "Be sure not to orgasm too fast." Then  in her other ear Bracie says, "We like to make sure the crowd gets to enjoy to match just as you will."


    After Bracie and Gracie are done teasing Becca they return to their corner where they get ready to being the match. Gracie decides to start the match first for the twins as she stays in the ring and Bracie goes in between the ropes and hangs out on the apron but not before teasing Becca somemore with some booty shaking. 


    The distraction caused Becca to orginally miss the bell as Gracie starts making her way towards her. Becca notices right as Gracie gets to her and she puts Becca in a headlock with her face pressed against the side of her boob and tells Beeca, "Don't forget who's in the ring or this might end too soon."


    After she say this she brings her to s neutral corner where she throws Becca head first into the turnbuckle where she stays with her back turned to her opponent. 


    While Becca is still in the corner Gracie grabs the back of her booty shorts and starts pulling them up giving Becca a painful wedgie and then starts slapping Becca's ass humiliating Becca early in the match.


    After Gracie is done spanking Becca she grabs her hair and tosses her in the middle of the ring where Becca falls down looking up at the stunning beauty above her. 


    Gracie seeing Becca look so defenseless decides to see if she can finish this round in humilating fashion as Gracie turns around and descends on Becca's face going for a reverse facesit pin. 


    The ref seeing this goes down and starts counting as Gracie starts twerking on her opponents face. "1..."


    Becca still in the match breaks the pin attempt by getting her arm up pushes Gracie off of her which angers her and reassures herself that this will end up being a fun match.


    Gracie gets up first with Becca still catching her breathe on the mat and Gracie goes and grabs Becca's hair and picks her up before throwing Becca into the twins' corner.


    Once there Bracie wraps her arms around Becca's neck and starts choking Becca out, all while Gracie is distracting the ref who has her back turn to the pair on the other side of the ring.


    Becca seeing this starts screaming for the ref with what little oxygen she syill has before Bracie goes and covers her mouth and nose and whispers, "I wouldn't try that if I were you, there's only so much oxygen in your lungs and we wouldn't want you wasting it on pointless struggles." 


    While this is happening, on the other side of the ring Gracie is complenting the ref saying, "You look so amazing in your ref outfit, when did the producers allow such slutty ref attire." "They knew I was going to be in the ring with you and your sister and said that you two would prefer to have me in a slutty attire, whatever that's suppose to mean" the ref says.


    Gracie seems to know exactly what that means as she goes into the ref and starts making out with her before pulling up slightly on the refs black lacy panties before backing her up into the twins' corner.


    Bracie seeing this knows exactly what to do as she releases Becca and allows her to drop into a seating position. This puts her in direct eye level with the approaching ass of the ref and Gracie who is leading the ref right to Becca's unsuspecting face.


    Becca sees this at the last second but is too weaken to move out of the way as the exposed ass of the ref descends on her face. Becca starts screaming in the refs ass as that elicits moan out of the refs mouth, as she now understands what the producers meant as well. 


    The ref then starts twerking her ass on Becca's face while still kissing Gracie. Gracie noticing this decides to get on the humilation by pressing her foot on Becca's covered crotch and starts teasing Becca's pussy. 


    Once the bell rings after the 20 seconds on domination the ref and Gracie move out of the corner and break their kiss while admiring the humiliating state that they put Becca in. 


    The ref then helps Becca up and brings her to her corner to start getting ready for the next round. The scoreboard changes to Seductresses-1, Becca-0. 


    Before the next round starts Gracie tags in Bracie to let her join in on the fun while also noticing how aroused the ref is knowing that she might be in for a very long night now.


    As the bell rings, starting the next round, Bracie struts over towards Becca, who is in a defensive state, decides to ramp up the fun and strips her bra, placing it in the middle of the ring, and starts cupping her boobs and makes them bounce distracting Becca as she makes her way towards her. 


    Once Bracie is close enough to Becca she decides to swing her breast right into Becca's face stunning her as Bracie swings her chest again and again causing Becca to back up into the ropes where Bracie continues her onslaught of swinging breasts causing Becca to get drowsy on the ropes.


    Bracie noticing this stops her onslaught and allows Becca to hang on the ropes with her arms draped over the top ropes. 


    While draped on the ropes, Becca is forced off them as Bracie grabs Becca's her and throws her into another set of ropes. But instead of allowing Becca to bounce off the ropes, Bracie follows Becca and stands right where she will rebound off of where she will meet Bracie's large breast again causing Becca to become even more drowsy as she goes backwards and uses the ropes to keep her up again.


    Bracie seeing this decides that this round is basically over and it's time for another humilation hold to finish this round. 


    Bracie walks over to her corner where Gracie and ref were talking and enjoying the match. Once Bracie gets there she tells the two of them the move she had in mind and they all giggle with delight. Bracie them tags in Gracie and they all make their way to the drowsy Becca still resting against the ropes.


    First Gracie walks up to Becca and grabs a hold of Becca's booty shorts and yanks them off of her exxposing her pussy for all to see. Then Bracie goes onto the other side of the rope and does a handstand before locking her knees in between the ropes and Becca's arms and then grabs Becca's legs and pulling them off the ground which suspends both Bracie and Becca off the ground. Before Becca is able to scream from the pain she is experiencing, Gracie steps on the bottom ropes and plants her now bare chest onto Becca's face not allowing her to make a sound. Finally, once both Seductresses are setup, the ref kneels down under Gracie right where Becca's exposed pussy is and starts sucking on her clit and licking all up inside her pussy causing Becca to moan and scream into Gracie's breast. 


    After the buzzer rings for another domination point the three of them decide that Becca has not yet had enough as they can feel that she is on the edge of an orgasm.


    The ref keeps licking and sucking Becca's pussy and soon Becca starts to buck around and spray her juices right into the ref's mouth, where she swallows some but leaves some in her mouth as she goes to kiss Gracie, who is now off of Becca, and pass some of Becca juices to her before she makes her way to Becca passes the rest of Becca's juices right into owners mouth. 


    This rings the domination buzzer a second time giving the seductresses 2 points for this round. Seductresses-3, Becca-0. 

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