Stealth Control - NT Resort

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Set five years after the original 'Stealth Control' story, this sequel is set in a resort with two classes of people -- the freeloaders, and the angels. The freeloaders are just that -- they get to go to the resort for free. They eat for free, they party for free, and they can stay as long as they like, all for free.

The angels though, they have to pay. And they pay a lot. But they don’t actually get to go to the resort. They sit in a little room off-site and can control any freeloader they like. They can remote in to the bodies of anybody in the resort and take control! The thing is, the person being controlled can't even tell -- everything they do feels like they did it themselves, even if they are made to do something wild, or embarrassing...


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  • Stealth Control - NT Resort - Part 1

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Set five years after the original 'Stealth Control' story, this sequel is set in a resort with two classes of people -- the freeloaders, and the angels. The freeloaders are just that -- they get to go to the resort for free. They eat for free, they party for free, and they can stay as long as they like, all for free.

    The angels though, they have to pay. And they pay a lot. But they don’t actually get to go to the resort. They sit in a little room off-site and can control any freeloader they like. They can remote in to the bodies of anybody in the resort and take control! The thing is, the person being controlled can't even tell -- everything they do feels like they did it themselves, even if they are made to do something wild, or embarrassing...


  • Western Herald, June 2034: 5 years after a quiet trial in Wellington University, and several expensive legal battles later, the team behind the so-called ‘stealth control’ neurostimulators has declared ‘NT Resort’ open.

    NT Resort was the place to be on spring break. Everybody had been buzzing about it’s grand opening for months. It had the best dance floors, famous DJs, 5 star accommodations, and hundreds of attractive college students all getting loosey goosey. And, best of all, it was absolutely free. Free! Zero! Zilch! Nothing!

    I rubbed my hand over my neck, feeling a strange itching sensation somewhere deep inside my head. My best friend Jimmy ran ahead, pulling me and Uni forward with his infectious energy. Luna tailed behind, holding onto Uni’s arm nerv+ously. NT Resort had only opened a week ago, and we were but the second intake of partygoers they had accepted. The whole thing gave me the willies, but Jimmy had painted pictures of such strange curiosity, revelling madness, wonderful sexual pleasure… well, Uni and I knew we’d have to experience it for ourselves.

    See, when I say that NT Resort was free... I just mean we didn’t have to pay any money. What we had to do instead was enough for half of our freshman class to swear off ever coming here. We had to give up control of our bodies.

    Not all the time! Just… for a few hours here and there. At least, that’s what they said in the orientation. We had to get this injection of neuro-recievers once a day which would form a kind of web over our brains. That web would let somebody ‘remote in’ to our nervous system and move our bodies around however they wanted. We’d apparently have no control over it, no matter how hard we tried, but the freaky thing is that we were told we wouldn’t even notice. Apparently it would just feel like we were still in control, even if we found ourselves doing really weird or embarrassing things for no reason. Weird, right?

    That’s why our visit was free. If you had enough money, you could pay the resort to be a ‘controller’ and get injected with a different set of nanobots that would instead ‘read’ from your brain, and transmit those commands to our bodies. The controllers would be able to choose which body (or bodies?) they wanted to control and do whatever they liked while their own body remained comatose, cared for by medical staff in another building.

    Thankfully, there were way more bodies than there were controllers, so with any luck we’d all be in control of ourselves for most of the holiday. I squeezed Uni’s hand and she smiled nervously at me. Hopefully.

    Jimmy ran through the gates that marked out the edge of the ‘control zone’ of the resort. Past that line and we’d be within range of the transmitters. Past that line and we could be controlled.

    I hesitated before the line, looking at Jimmy curiously. He danced about, waving the three of us in. Same old Jimmy, right? I braced myself and took a step forward. Uni and Luna followed behind. 

    I shivered.

    I took a deep breath in and spread my arms wide, admiring the outdoor pool lounge we’d just walked into. “This is amaaazing!” I shouted at nobody in particular. I flexed my arms and jumped about a few times, giggling like a schoolgirl. Then I glanced back at Uni and Luna. They were both staring at me, mouths agape.

    “Yep!” I said “I’ve taken control of this guy! New arrivals are always the best -- not too worn out yet.”

    I laughed inside my head, I wonder if they’d believe me? Obviously I wasn’t being controlled, we’d only been inside for just a few seconds. It quickly drifted out of my mind though, because staring back at the girl’s in their bathing outfits I found myself getting hard. It felt weirdly odd.

    Somewhat surprisingly, I found myself staring at Luna instead of my girlfriend. I don’t know what it was, but something about her just seemed… fascinating today. She glanced between me and Uni awkwardly.

    I strutted over to her and clapped a hand on her shoulder, stroking her neck delicately. 

    “Heeyyy hot stuff. It’s my first time in a guy’s body, want to take my male virginity?”

    I guess if I kept playing the character of a guy controlled, maybe Uni wouldn’t be angry at me for hitting on Luna? I was too busy staring into Luna’s eyes to see what my girlfriend was up to, but I could hear her tutting next to me.

    Luna glanced at her and then back at me, shying away. “Oh, um, actually, I kind of know the guy you’re controlling, and um…” She shivered, then looked down at her own chest, suddenly ignoring both me and Uni.

    “Oh fuck yeah.” she said, grabbing her breasts and kneading them in her small hands. 

    Oh shit! Luna was possessed! I almost laughed, the first person in our group to be controlled was shy little Luna! And controlled by what was apparently some horny guy too! I wonder what it felt like?

    Luna pulled her skirt out and yanked up her panties, so I could see the little pink bow on the front. “Hah!” her sweet voice called “I’m wearing panties! Hahahaha, that’s so weird!”

    She yanked them harder, really giving herself a wedgie.

    “And it really doesn’t hurt! Nothing to crush! Hahaha, that’s so wild!”

    The guy controlling Luna made her pull the underwear side to side, still yanking it up so it stretched against her vagina. I felt myself grow even harder at this sight - what can I say, I might love Uni, but Luna was pretty damn hot. And I’d never seen her be anywhere near this lude before!

    “You wanna have sex?” I blurted out. “I’m a girl in a guy for the first time. I bet you’re the opposite.” I chuckled. This was the stupidest plan to get into Luna’s pants I could have come up with. 

    “Nah, I’m not gay.” the guy controlling Luna said. He glanced over at Uni, who was still watching the two of us in a bit of shock. “But if you wanna take her over, maybe we could make out as girls?”

    “Well I am gay.” I said, smirking. “I suppose I can wait a little while longer to try it out as a guy.” I gave myself a little pat on the crotch.

    I shivered again and quickly adjusted my erection. That thing was so uncomfortable, I’d left it straining in a bad position too long. Thankfully it seemed to be going down a bit now.

    I glanced over at Uni. “Hey, I was just joking about all of that.” I said, suddenly feeling kind of awkward. “I wouldn’t really try to sleep with Luna. Sorry to you too Luna.” I said, assuming she could still hear me while being controlled.

    Uni waved her hand at me, uncharacteristically. “Yeah yeah” she said. “Go away for a little bit, I’ve got company!”


    I stood in shock as Uni marched passed me and kissed her best friend on the lips. What the hell! Uni must be controlled too!

    I stared as they began making out, the guy in Luna’s small body being rough and pushy, Uni’s controller much more restrained and in control. I watched Luna’s little hand grab my girlfriends boob and mush it against her own as they kissed. 

    This was so wild. What should I do? Should I try to stop them? Luna and Uni had agreed to be controlled of course, but I don’t think either of them expected to be forced to makeout with each other in public. Was that over a line? Maybe they should get a chance to say so? 

    As I stood in indecision, Luna ripped Uni’s top open, pulling a few buttons off and scratching my girlfriend’s skin with a nail. I made my mind up.

    “Hey, um, you guys.” I said. “Ah, I think you shouldn’t use my girlfriends body like that. She agreed to be controlled to swim and party, not makeout with her best friend! You should at least ask first.”

    The two girls glanced over at me, then shared a look.

    “And you, ah, man in Luna’s body? I know we were told to expect to be fondled, but you’re being so rough, and um, I know she bruises easily...”

    Luna looked at me for a moment, then turned back to Uni. “Don’t let this girl go anywhere.” Luna’s high pitched voice said. “I’ll get rid of this guy.”

    Luna shivered and looked around confused. A second later I found myself shivering too. It was cold out here, but if they thought they could get rid of me that easily…

    I turned to run off and get help. Surely making out with friends was against some sort of rule here? I tore off my shirt as I ran and threw it up in the air to get attention.


    I paused for a moment to rip off my pants too, yanking my budgie smugglers down and showing off my naked body to the world. I ran inside and jumped onto the bar, climbing up and walking over people drinking. I stood high and swung my dick in a circle a few times for the hell of it. I found it getting erect again.


    I felt my legs bending and on a whim decided to belly flop off the bar onto a couch where some people were chatting. But my foot slipped as I jumped and I crashed down onto the floor, flopping half onto the couch, and knocking over a few stools as I fell.


    I shivered from the pain and looked down. 

    Ow! What the fuck! Why did I do that? 

    Nursing my sore body, I gingerly stood up and covered my crotch with a hand. Back in the pool area Luna and Uni started making out again.

    Had I just been controlled? 

    Oh my god, this week was going to be insane. 


    I woke up the next morning feeling sore. Very sore. I groaned as I rolled out of bed and stumbled to my feet. I was in one of the hotel rooms of the resort, but it was a mess. There were clothes strewn around the room, piles of bottles and cold pizza laying on the floor, and someone’s bra was hanging off the ceiling fan.

    What had happened last night? It was a bit of a blur. After I jumped off the bar and almost broke my back I’d decided to calm myself down with a beer. That quickly turned into five, and then the shots had come out…

    I vaguely remembered being naked for most of the night, and apparently pretending to be a girl for a little while. That was weird. 

    How much of last night was me? How much was it the rich kids controlling me? 

    I shook my head, and was rewarded with an angry flare from my headache. Was it possible to figure out when I’m the one in control? Suffice to say I certainly never drank that much by myself.

    And what had happened to Uni and Luna? Last I’d seen of them they were making out by the pool, but that was hours ago now. They were both clearly being controlled, I hope they hadn’t been made to drink as much as I had.

    I gingerly got dressed and stumbled into the hallway. Luna and Uni had probably been left passed out in a room somewhere like I was, so I hoped I might be able to find them before breakfast. Most of the rooms I walked past had open doors, the controller’s not being too worried about privacy -- after all, these weren’t their rooms, or their bodies. I glanced into each one as I went along -- empty, empty, pile of naked guys, empty, satanic ritual, empty, couple having sex…

    I stopped in the doorway of a room where a blonde girl was sipping a cup of tea as she looked out her balcony at the rising sun outside.


    The blonde girl turned around, and her face twisted into a smug little smile. It wasn’t Luna, but I recognised her.

    “Oh. Hi, Vikky.”

    I knew Vikky from college, she’d clearly come here from spring break too. She looked like a princess and spoke like a sailor. She wasn’t one of those ‘mean girl’ types, but I hated her just the same -- she never let me forget that she always got better grades that I did. Barely.

    “Hey shithead.” said Vikky, still grinning. “Had a rough night, then?”

    “Yeah... how’d you get off so lightly?”

    I gestured around the room, it was mostly neat and tidy. The bed had been slept in, rather than the floor, and there were only a few wine glasses sitting on the bedside table.

    “Hah, you know.” Vikky chuckled, and gestured to the bathroom. “I just made some friends. Hey, Brittney!”

    A man’s voice called back.

    “One second!”

    I looked at Vikky, surprised.

    “These controller’s aren’t all rich jocks and old men, Pete-y boy.” Vikky laughed. “Some of them are rich cheerleaders.”

    Brittney chose that moment to come out of the bathroom and I was greeted by the sight of a huge muscle bound dude, shirtless, and wearing only a towel. He gave me a dainty little wave. 

    “She’s controlling a guy?” I asked, surprised.

    “Sure”, said Vikky, “Why not?”. She glanced at Brittney’s towering figure and grinned. “Leave that dude outside for a moment, would you? Pete and I have a bit of a score to settle.”

    “You want me to jump him for you?” Brittney asked, her deep voice cracking as if she was trying to push it into a higher pitch.

    “Ya, that’d be great.”

    “Hey, what?” I spluttered.

    The huge guy walked out of the room, still wearing only a towel. I could have sworn he was hiding a boner too.

    “You came all the way in here, we might as well have some fun before letting you go, ay?”

    I turned to go. “Nooooo, thank you. Tell Brittney too bad, I’m not her toy-- “. I cut myself off and turned back to Vikky, a little smile playing onto my face.

    “Orrrrr maybe I am!” I said perkily. I sighed inwardly. Who knew what games Vikky would get up to if I let Brittney control me? She was always tormenting me, that one.

    I waltzed over to her and stood, hands on hips. “What do you want me to make him do?”

    My voice sounded kinda funny, higher pitched than normal, like I was straining it up. 

    “Oh, I don’t know.” said Vikky, “I just wanna embarrass him a little!”

    “Hmmmm”, I said, patting my chest absently “We could play a bit of dress up?”

    “Hah, okay. Let me pick something out.”

    Whatever would get Vikky to let me go quickly, I suppose. I figured if I played along for a bit, I could get out of here before Brittney possessed me.

    I sauntered over to the vanity by the wall and studied my face in the mirror. “He looks a bit girly already!” I chirped, “This will be an easy transformation!”

    Vikky had picked out a tight purple dress from her wardrobe, sleeveless and form-fitting. She threw it at me.

    “Chuck him in this one!”

    I picked up the dress and held it in front of me, not too sure how to actually slip it on. I quickly stripped out of my shorts regardless.

    “Hehe”, I giggled, looking at the bulge in my underwear. “This will never get old!”

    Vikky helped me to pull the dress over my head. It was extremely tight, I could barely breathe in it. She handed me a couple of rolled up socks, which I stuffed in the front where my boobs should be.

    “This feels kinda funny!” I told her, “Like, I wear dresses like this all the time, but it feels weird on this body.”

    “Well, it’s definitely not the right size!” Vikky laughed, struggling to pull up the zipper. “C’mon, let’s do your makeup.”

    She sat me down and started attacking my face with an onslaught of various powders and creams. I had no idea what she was doing as she brushed a darker powder around my jaw. What was that one even for? 

    “Don’t forget the blush!” I giggled.

    I did my own eyeliner. For some reason that felt easier than getting Vikky to do it, which was weird. Instead, Vikky painted my nails a hot-pink colour. I hoped I could get out of here soon, I would have thought Brittney would have been able to drop off that big guy by now. Maybe she got held up.

    “Damn, girl!” Vikky said. “He doesn’t look half bad!”

    I stared at myself in the mirror. Apart from the dress squeezing me like a torture device, and my short hair clashing with the vibe, I actually looked kind of… pretty?

    I found a pair of ridiculously tall heels by the door and forced my oversized feet into them -- they were obviously like five sizes too small. Still, I strutted around the room like a pro, swinging my hips side to side like I was on a catwalk.

    “Noice.” said Vikky, watching me. She slapped my ass as I walked past, which I tried to jiggle for her. It didn’t seem to have the bounce for it, though.

    “Okay! Okay! I want to see his reaction!” I laughed. 

    Wait, who’s reaction? 

    I stood there, grinning at Vikky, and felt myself shiver slightly… my grin faltered.

    I… what was I doing?

    I looked down. Why had I put this on? I could remember it perfectly, but the reasons didn’t make any sense. What did I expect Brittney to do to me that was any worse than this? The controller’s weren’t allowed to actually harm the bodies they inhabited.

    “What the hell…” I whispered.

    Vikky laughed at the look of shock on my face. “Feeling a bit funny, big guy?”

    I stared at her. “Was I just controlled?” I asked. She laughed even harder. I blushed. Of course I was.

    “Very funny!” I said, trying to pull the dress off. It was too damn tight! I stomped towards the door as I tugged at it, finally freeing myself with a rip. Before I could escape, however, Vikky grabbed my arm. She was blushing too.

    “You’re a good sport about this!” she said, her voice strangely high pitched. “I really enjoyed being in your body. Take care of it for me!”

    Then she rose onto her tippy toes and kissed me on the lips. 

    “Off you go!”

    I stumbled out the door, half naked, kicking off my ridiculous heels. Alright, I thought, if Vikky can make friends with a controller and muck around with me, then I can find somebody to do the same to her. I bet there are a million controller’s here who’d love to embarrass a hot tom-boy like her.

    As I made my way down the hallway, I heard a Vikky’s voice shout. “Oh my god, Brittney! I can’t believe you made me kiss him!”


    The Original Stealth Control Story

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Pan157 ∙ 20 September 2022

i love the idea of this so much; i'd love to be controlled there

VexenFox Author ∙ 20 September 2022

Aha, it would be quite an adventure.

Pan157 ∙ 21 September 2022

just the the thought of someone doing anything they wanted with my body is so hot. also this is like bordering on the realms of possibility imo

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